Are you or someone you know suffering with cancer? If so, don't give up hope.

We all know that cancer is a serious matter. At Cura' Naturale Therapeutic Healing, we see the best-case scenario for successful cancer treatment as a combination of conventional and alternative methods. We prefer to work as part of a team that includes our ability to work with your conventional practitioners to provide the highest quality science-based and holistic approaches to fighting cancer. We often recommend a combination of treatment therapies to our cancer patients: naturopathic medicine, nutrition support, lifestyle modification, intravenous nutrition, colon hydrotherapy, immersion bath therapy, foot bath therapy, constitutional hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, and cranial sacral therapy.

We will not give up and are here to assist you with various integrative cancer treatments. We believe that each individual deserves a tailored plan based on the weakness of the patient. We are here to help you with all your options for alternative medicine care. We will put together an individualized and specific treatment plan for your cancer through the integration of the most innovative medical treatment based on natural therapies.

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Dr. Holly Donahue

Dr. Holly Donahue, N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine, Board Certified

Meet Dr. Holly Donahue, a Licensed Naturopathic doctor who believes that nutrition and lifestyle must work together to overcome illness and maintain health. Contact Dr. Donahue to learn how you can tap into your body's inherent natural force and win your life back once and for all.