Corporate Wellness with Cura' Naturale

Corporate Wellness PhotoCura' Naturale was created and built upon the mission of educating and enhancing the lives of individuals through simple health and lifestyle changes. The main focus is on employee wellness and health in the workplace. Cura' Naturale creates wellness programs to educate employees on health at work and how to balance daily stress at work. The tools that employees learn throughout this process will help the employees be more focused and in turn be able to handle an increase in tasks more efficiently.

Dr. Holly Donahue is the creator and founder of Cura' Naturale and has several years experience in corporate America and even working in England for a short time. Hear about her experiences directly after working in many small to medium size corporations before becoming a naturopathic doctor.

"I was born into a family of entrepreneurs starting with my grandparents, including parents and siblings, and now myself. I understand the needs and demands of both small to medium size businesses and larger corporations. I am very grateful for my personal healing and wellness path and would like others to be educated on the value of health prevention and wellness in the workforce.

Corporate Wellness Photo

I, personally, see the increase in value in my productivity and concentration when I live a balanced life and healthy living. I practice balance and wellness in my personal and professional life. It is not always easy but I find if I keep focusing on health than life will be more enjoyable and stress can be better managed.

I feel extremely honored to be part of many patients healing paths. I will adapt to each groups needs and guide them with healthy lifestyle changes.

There is always an answer to each persons health concerns but finding what works for the individual to heal is my ultimate goal. After all, the patient is living her life and I am only guiding the process with tools for healing."

Symptoms and disease arise when we separate the body, mind, and soul.
When we expand into the collective of all three,
we find optimal health, wellness and vitality.
- Unknown