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Corporate Wellness

Did you know that businesses get $2.30 - $10.10 ROI for each dollar spent on employee wellness?

You can lower healthcare costs while improving the productivity of employees with Cura' Naturale's Corporate Wellness programs.

Corporate Wellness Photo

Employees want to be dedicated to your company and successful at their jobs. They value health and wellness, and appreciate company support of a healthier lifestyle on the job. Each step the employee makes toward a healthier lifestyle becomes a cost saving and higher productivity benefit for you.

Naturopathic corporate wellness and disease prevention services are specifically created to support the health and healing of employees allowing them to have increased focus and clarity at work.

Recent research from the American Journal of Health Promotions shows that corporate wellness programs:

  • Decrease medical claims
  • Improve job efficiency
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Decrease premature death
  • Stop loss of up to 115 work hours yearly due to minor illnesses
  • Save employers up to $2000 per employee each year

Dr. Holly Donahue

Dr. Holly Donahue, N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine, Board Certified

Meet Dr. Holly Donahue, a Licensed Naturopathic doctor who believes that nutrition and lifestyle must work together to overcome illness and maintain health. Contact Dr. Donahue to learn how you can tap into your body's inherent natural force and win your life back once and for all.


Symptoms and disease arise when we separate the body, mind, and soul.
When we expand into the collective of all three,
we find optimal health, wellness and vitality.
- Unknown