What is Detox & Body Cleanse?

Body cleanse or body detox is a three week program that will permit the release of toxins from tissue storage while gently cleansing the liver and healing the intestines, two important organs necessary for optimal health.

Why should I body cleanse?

Periodic body cleansing is a tradition practiced in different cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Ancient and modern Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Islamic, Buddhist, and other religious practices all include ritual periods of fasting and dietary restriction. In our modern industrial society the need for eliminating toxins from the body is more important than ever. We have become separated from a life of regular vigorous exercise in fresh air, sunshine and the natural environment. Our air, water, food, medicine, landscape, and emotions all contribute to our intake of toxins. These toxins should be periodically removed from the body through a supervised body cleanse or body detox program before we suffer form the consequences of long term build up.

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What does body detox consist of?

When cleansing your body supervised by a doctor, there are three scheduled group meetings to discuss the science of cleansing and explaining in detail the program in detail. A hypoallergenic elimination diet along with nutritional, botanical and homeopathic drainage (PEKANA) will help support the body's cleansing organs that will be followed for the three week program. Dietary instructions and sample recipes will be provided to each participant as part of cleansing your body.

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Each body detox participant will receive three of the following: constitutional hydrotherapies, colon hydrotherapies, foot bath therapy and far infrared sauna. Constitutional hydrotherapies are useful for enhancing blood circulation, improving whole body metabolism, promoting elimination of toxins through the skin, and improving gastrointestinal and immune function. This detox cleanse treatment utilizes hot and cold applications to the front and back while the patient is wrapped snugly in a sheet and blankets. Simultaneous sine wave stimulation is delivered to reflex points of the organs of elimination. These hydro treatments also serve as an opportunity for patients to discuss individual questions and concerns with the doctor.

Lifestyle modifications during this period of body cleansing will be presented as well as some adjunct therapies such as castor oil packs, dry skin brushing, exercise and body work. The goal of the body cleanse is not only to give the body a chance to return to optimal function, but to give each participant the experience of a healthful lifestyle. For some these new habits may last a lifetime.

What is the cost for body detox or body cleanse?

The whole body detox package includes herbs, nutritional supplements, group meetings, constitutional hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, and information packet with sample recipes. If you are interested in participating in our next cleanse series, please call Cura' Naturale Therapeutic Healing today at 603-742-4114.

Remember there is no better investment than your health.

What is "The Master Cleanse?"

Why would individuals want to do The Master Cleanse and starve their body without natural food for days on end? Using the Master Cleanse body detox program, you may end up craving food items or even create low blood sugars in the body.

Wouldn't you rather participate in a cleanse where you eat an organic, natural, whole food diet along with natural supplements, herbs and treatments that assist in detoxifying the body? This type of cleanse will support all detoxification pathways in the body for a more thorough cleansing deeper into the cells. It will be more beneficial to bring the body back into balance upon the completion of the body cleanse.