What to Expect During Your First Visit

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Cura' Naturale is extremely excited to assist you with your health and healing goals. Prior to your initial consult, we ask that you complete and bring in the patient intake form with you for your initial appointment along with any recent laboratory work from your physician. We ask that these tests have been completed within the past three months to be effective markers in the body. Please discuss which intake form to be filled out with our office. The intake form can be downloaded from our website in For Patients. The office will provide you with the necessary log in information.

It is our pleasure to teach you about your body and what the different signs and symptoms indicate for your overall healing journey. During the examination process, Dr. Donahue will assess information regarding general and familial medical history as well as any indicated physical and clinical examinations. She will evaluate the amount of toxicity and mucous, how the parasympathetic nervous and circulatory systems are functioning, and determine which areas of your body need support and healing based on the weakened organ systems. The pulse diagnosis examination will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the digestive and emunctory organs and check abdominal pressure points. Lastly, the naturopathic doctor will evaluate any recent (within 3 three months) laboratory or imaging documents pertinent to the patient's health history.

What to Expect During Your First Visit Photo

Upon completion of the examination and lengthy discussion with the patient, Dr. Donahue will prepare a complete dietary plan, nutritional supplement sheet, therapeutic treatment list, and exercise and lifestyle recommendations designed specifically from your physical and clinical exam findings. Any natural supplements, homeopathy or botanical medicinal tinctures required for the patient's healing can be purchased at our Simple Health store located on site. All indicated treatments would be completed here at the clinic. The natural healing clinic can provide the patient with valuable information regarding where to get organic foods, how to shop for specific foods and how to eat locally. The patient is asked to return in three months so Dr. Donahue can evaluate the healing and wellness goals and to determine how the patient is doing in the suggested nutrition, supplement, and treatment plans.

Dr. Holly Donahue

Dr. Holly Donahue, N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine, Board Certified

Meet Dr. Holly Donahue, a Licensed Naturopathic doctor who believes that nutrition and lifestyle must work together to overcome illness and maintain health. Contact Dr. Donahue to learn how you can tap into your body's inherent natural force and win your life back once and for all.